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Coast Bank of Florida: A Touchstone of Bradenton’s Financial Landscape

On the beautiful west coast of Florida, in the charming city of Bradenton, a vibrant local institution once stood as a beacon of financial service and community trust: Coast Bank of Florida.

Beginning of a Banking Era: Foundation (2000)

Coast Bank of Florida first opened its doors in 2000, in a building located at 1301 6th Avenue West. Its inception marked a new era in community banking, where financial transactions were not simply business affairs, but an extension of the city’s close-knit communal bonds.

Strengthening the Community (2000 – 2007)

Over the years, Coast Bank of Florida played an active role in shaping Bradenton’s financial landscape. As Bradenton progressed towards a prosperous future, the bank stood beside its residents, fueling local businesses and supporting dreams.

A Pivotal Transition: The Merger with First Bank (2007)

In 2007, a significant chapter in Coast Bank of Florida’s history came to a close. The bank merged with First Bank, marking the end of its journey as an independent entity. Yet, this transition was a new beginning, too, a testament to the bank’s success and a promise to its patrons of continued service under a larger umbrella.

Coast Bank of Florida: The Legacy Continues

Although the name of Coast Bank of Florida no longer adorns the 6th Avenue West building, the bank’s legacy continues. The essence of its community-focused spirit is etched into the hearts of Bradenton’s residents and woven into the city’s narrative.

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Today, as we stroll down 6th Avenue West, the building once housing Coast Bank of Florida stands as a silent reminder of a time when the bank was a community cornerstone. Even though its name has changed, its legacy endures, echoing in the vibrant growth of Bradenton. Coast Bank of Florida served as more than just a financial institution; it was a pillar of trust, an emblem of progress, and a cherished part of Bradenton’s story.

We hope that by remembering and cherishing Coast Bank of Florida, we remind ourselves of the value of community-centered institutions. They play an integral role in our localities, becoming an essential part of our collective memories and shared growth. As we recall Coast Bank of Florida, we celebrate not just a bank, but an era of community, trust, and progress that has shaped Bradenton into the city it is today.

Coast Bank of Florida
1301 6th Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205